How-To’s And Cable Basics
Cable Basics: Portable Cord
Allied’s How-To’s and Cable Basics teach you about all different aspects of wire and cable, from cable construction to easy do-it-yourself projects. Educate yourself on the basics of wire and cable, learn how to choose the appropriate cable for your next project, and more. These videos are great resources, whether you’re new to the wire and cable game, or a seasoned pro!

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About Allied
About Allied Wire & Cable
Find out what’s going on at AWC! See what Allied has to offer, learn about changes in the company, and check out what we’ve been up to. These videos will keep you up-to-date on everything you need to know about AWC.

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Product Spotlight
Spotlight On: SJT Cord
Watch Spotlight videos for information on some of our most popular products and services. You’ll learn about the construction, ratings, and usage of wire and cable options from UL 1007 hook up wire to SJT cable, RG142 coaxial cable, and more. Get the facts you need to start selecting cables without flipping through stacks of spec sheets. The best part? Each video is about a minute long.

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Browse through our AWC Video Galleries to learn all about Allied, and to check out some informative videos on wire and cable, including how-to’s and more! You can see what’s going on in the company, take a look at how charity events are going, and even get a few tips to use during your next wire and cable project!

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