Automotive Wire

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0:10 – Automotive Wire is used in some of the harshest applications in the world, from the high performance engines on the raceway, to the big rigs driving down the highway, and of course the car in your driveway.

00:21 – Automotive primary wire usually has a bare copper conductor. It’s stranded to make it flexible. Wires range in size from 24 AWG to 8 AWG. It’s made of either PVC or Cross-linked materials. The difference being that Cross-linked wires can withstand much more heat.

00:38 – The two main types of PVC Wire are GPT and TWP.

00:43 – GPT is for general circuit wiring and it’s rated up 80°C. TWP is a lead-free, thin-walled PVC wire with a temperature rating of 105°C.

00:54 – Now, the cross-linked insulation types of automotive wire are GXL, SXL, and TXL. They’re all rated up to 125°C, which makes them good for high temperature applications. So what’s the difference? Wall thickness!

01:08 – GXL has a thin wall. It’s the most common type, and it works with most standard automotive connectors. It can also be used in trucks and trailers.

01:17 – SXL, that has a standard wall thickness.

01:20 – Now TXL is the Extra Thin Wall version. It’s small in size, leaving more room for added electronics and features. And because it weighs so little, it minimizes drag on the car.

01:31 – Let’s talk about larger gauge automotive wire, battery cable. Like primary wire, battery cable is also available with either PVC or cross-linked materials. It ranges in size from 6 AWG to 4/0.

01:44 – Common types are SGT, SGX, and STX. The first one, SGT is made with PVC insulation. SGX and STX have cross-linked insulation and, that’s right, higher temperature ratings. STX has the thinnest wall.

02:01 – Allied Wire & Cable can customize any of these types of wire for you. You can make your wire easy to identify, by striping it with as many as 3 stripes, called tracers, printed right on the jacket. Along with custom text, or maybe even your company’s logo.

02:16 – So that’s what you need to know about automotive wire, and you can order some today from Allied Wire & Cable.

There are many types of wire specific to the automotive industry, including primary wire and battery cable. Each type is constructed slightly different than another to suit the specific demands in different parts of cars, trucks and other vehicles. In this video we identify the different types of automotive wire and describe their construction and uses.

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