Product Spotlight

Spotlight On: M27500 Cable

M27500 Cable

July 30, 2012

M27500 cable is a popular mil spec wire used in aerospace and aircraft applications.

Spotlight On: Type TC-ER Tray Cable

Type TC-ER Tray Cable

June 5, 2012

Type TC-ER cable is exposed run tray cable, approved for installation where sections are left as open wiring without the protection of a cable tray.

Spotlight On: Type PLTC Cable

Type PLTC Cable

May 22, 2012

Learn all about power limited tray cable, rated Type PLTC by the National Electric Code.

Spotlight On: Type TC Tray Cable

Type TC Tray Cable

May 11, 2012

Type TC tray cable is approved for installation in cable trays and raceways by the National Electric Code.

Spotlight On: SJT Cord

SJT Cord

March 1, 2012

SJT cable is a popular portable cord option, commonly used for power extensions, heavy tools and equipment, and portable lighting.

Spotlight On: STOOW Cable


February 24, 2012

STOOW portable cord is rated to 600 volts and is commonly found in tough industrial applications, indoors and outdoors.

Spotlight On: SJOOW Cord


February 20, 2012

SJOOW Cord is the most common call-out for junior service portable power cable.

Spotlight On: SOOW Cord


February 16, 2012

In the newest addition to our Spotlight Series, we teach you about SOOW Cord.

Spotlight On: RG 179 Coaxial Cable

RG 179 Coaxial Cable

January 20, 2012

RG179 Coaxial Cable plays an important role in technology most of us use every day.

Spotlight On: RG178B/U Cable

RG178B/U Cable

January 17, 2012

RG178B/U coaxial cable features a stranded, copper-clad steel conductor, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) dielectric, and a fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) jacket.

Spotlight On: RG 174 Cable

RG 174 Cable

January 12, 2012

RG 174 is found in radio frequency applications in antennas, radar, avionic communication equipment, etc.

Spotlight On: RG142 Coaxial Cable

RG142 Coaxial Cable

January 9, 2012

RG142 cable is coaxial cable commonly used in telecommunications applications, such as radio systems, medical equipment, avionics, and two-way communications systems.

Spotlight On: UL 1061 PVC Hook Up Wire

UL 1061 PVC Hook Up Wire

November 3, 2011

UL 1061 Cable is a popular coaxial cabling product.

Spotlight On: UL 1015 PVC Hook Up Wire

UL 1015 PVC Hook Up Wire

November 18, 2011

UL 1015 is PVC wire that is UL listed as “appliance wiring material” or AWM wire, as well as “machine tool wire” or MTW wire.

Spotlight On: UL 1007 PVC Hook Up Wire

UL 1007 PVC Hook Up Wire

November 10, 2011

PVC Wire UL 1007 is used in a wide range of applications and industries.

Spotlight On: Value-Added Services

Value-Added Services

August 19, 2011

In this video we detail all the customization services that Allied Wire & Cable offers from Identification Solutions like striping wire, ink jet printing and dyeing.