Spotlight On: RG 179 Coaxial Cable

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RG179 Coaxial Cable plays an important role in technology most of us use every day. RG179 cable is found in CATV applications, set top boxes, mobile phones, computer connections, cable modems, HDTV video connections, and more.

This coax is known for its clear signal transmission. The cable’s overall silver-coated copper braid shield is part of the reason the cable performs so well in signal and data transmission applications. RG 179 cable also has a stranded silver-coated copper-clad steel conductor, PTFE dielectric, and FEP jacketing designed to provide optimum performance.

RG179 coaxial cable meets M17/94-RG179 specifications, and has a temperature range of -55°C to 200°C. It has a maximum voltage rating of 1200 volts.

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