Spotlight On: Value-Added Services

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00:12 – Allied Wire & Cable is a family owned and operated distributor of electrical wire, electronic cable, heat shrink tubing, and wire management products, which we supply to both OEMS and Distributors.

00:25 – We’re ISO 9001:2008 certified, so you can be confident that our products are of the highest quality available.

00:33 – But we have so much more to offer than stock.

00:36 – Allied is one of the last value-added manufacturers in the industry, offering customized solutions for all your wire and cable needs, from product alterations to inventory management options.

00:49 – Allied’s identification solutions save you from confusion and wasted time in the field, and make for a more convenient installation.

00:57 – Are you dealing with more than ten conductors and need to go beyond the standard color code?

01:03 – We can add up to 3 contrasting spiral stripes to most types of insulation, including plastics like PVC, fluoropolymers like FEP and PTFE, cross-linked materials, and even nylon.

01:15 – We also offer ring-band striping,

01:18 – And custom color matching.

01:21 – With our black and white inkjet printing services, Allied can add custom lettering, numbering, or logos to your cable jacket at low cost.

01:29 – Or choose our laser printing service, which produces high quality, permanent markings.

01:35 – We also offer hot stamping, which imprints into the surface of the cable for extra durability.

01:41 -Allied has several solutions to help simplify your installations by cutting the wire and cable to the exact length you need and stripping the insulation to your specifications.

01:51 – We can also tin the ends of the wire.

01:55 – We can group your single conductor wires into multi-conductor configurations, saving you time in the field.

02:02 – Take advantage of etching services on fluoropolymers like PTFE and FEP. Cables are etched with a sodium solution to make them more bondable and to allow for processing on automatic cutting machines.

02:15 – Add an overall braid for mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, and to minimize low frequency signal interference.

02:22 – Braids are structurally sound while maintaining flexibility and a long flex life. They are made with woven bare copper, tinned copper, silver, or nickel strands and generally provide 80% to 95% coverage.

02:37 – Or add a tape jacket to gather individual wires into a multi-conductor cable and to increase physical strength.

02:44 – Choose from a range of materials including Mylar, PTFE, Kapton, or Aluminum/Mylar tape.

02:52 – We can also package and ship to your specifications.

02:55 – Our re-spooling process is UL and CSA approved, and gives us the capability to pack your cable into coils, special reels, disposable cartons, or even reusable plastic containers.

03:07 – We also offer drum packing, which can hold thousands of feet of wire, depending on the gauge.

03:13 – If you need to drop-ship, but want customers to see your name instead of ours, we’re happy to blind ship your order using unmarked boxes and your company’s packing slip.

03:23 – We’ll also customize a shipping label to meet your needs.

03:26 – We offer UL and CSA tagging, Radio Frequency Identification, government labels, and bar coding, so it’s easy for you to meet any standard or certification requirement.

03:38 – Allied saves you floor space and frustration with inventory management solutions.

03:43 – Basically, if you know what cable you’ll need in the near future, planning ahead can save you money, especially if you lock in pricing by placing a blanket order.

03:52 – Never deal with stock outages or other inventory issues again! Through our Vendor Managed Inventory programs, we’ll monitor your inventory for you, and automatically ship more product when we see your stock is getting low.

04:05 – We can work with your existing VMI solution, or use our own in-house system, CHIMP: Customer Hassle-Free Inventory Management Program.

04:14 – Count on Allied’s value-added and customization services to get the wire and cable products you need, the way you need them.

04:22 – Allied has offices and warehouses across the United States. We’ll ship from the most convenient location, so you get your products faster.

04:30 – And with a designated sales representative handling your account, you have one point of contact, and the trust and assurance that comes with having a personal relationship with our customers.

04:40 – For more information about the services you’ve seen here, or any of our products, contact Allied Wire & Cable today. Call 1-888-325-1788, or visit our website at

Ever wondered what Allied can do for you that others can’t? Check out our video on the Value-Added Services we offer to find out! Don’t settle for an off the shelf product, when you can get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Identification: Does your cable have more than 10 colored conductors? We can add a contrasting stripe to help you identify the proper conductors for easier installation. And if you’re looking to have your cables labeled, we can ink jet and hot stamp text right onto the jacket or insulation of your cable for you.

Installation: Save time on installation by having the cable pre-cut and stripped so it’s ready to go when you get to the job site. We can also twist your cable in house before we ship, so you never have to waste time grouping different cables together.

Shipping: We can custom package your order in special reels, drums and plastic containers to suit your needs. And if you need your order drop shipped, we can package it in blank boxes so your customer only sees your name.

That’s not all; check out the video to see more identification, installation, shipping and other solutions to find out all the ways Allied can make your job easier.

For more information on our customization services, please visit our Value-Added Services page.